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The Multiplayer Combat Editor is a code plugin for Unreal Engine 4 to prototype combat in your game.

Create skills with properties like damage types, recast, firerate, spread, cone detection and many other settings.

Create stats to keep track of your essential values (Health, Experience, Armor…).

Create teams and customize alliance properties to target only enemies, allied or neutral characters.

Grant your characters actions and define the rule between them (unable to sprint while reloading).

Modify skill, stat and actions during gameplay (crowd controls, items, buffs or talents).

~ What types of game can I use it for? ~

You can build RPG, MobA, FPS and Action games in general. But I’m sure you can bend the systems to suit your needs for other types of game.

You can also develop singleplayer games using MCE.

~ How to use it? ~

You can import MCE in an existing project or start one from scratch with MCE.

You’ll add actor components, blueprint interfaces, enum entries, fill variable values and plug MCE custom blueprint nodes altogether to create abilities, stats, passive, talents, crowd controls, enemies, items and much more!

Youtube tutorials will help you get started and dive into advanced features when you're ready.

~ Who can use it? ~

It is more suited to people who already know a bit of Blueprints or have a programming background. But everyone can learn how to use the tools through the basic series of tutorial and the more experienced users can learn how to customize everything through more advanced series.

~ Technical Information ~

Tutorial Series

View full feature list here.

Download Example Content & Build

Blueprints: 70

C++ Classes: 2

Development & Target Build Platforms: Windows 10

Documentation: Website

Important/Additional Notes:

  • Compatible Unreal Engine 4 version: 4.19+
  • Read the Disclaimer
  • MCE is plug-and-play and should be compatible with most systems as it does not use any "cast to class" to work
  • A series of tutorials will help you to learn how to use MCE
  • MCE comes with 4 different character examples: First Person, Third Person, Top-Down and Twin-Stick
  • A hundred of other examples included (Enemies, Weapons, Pickups and much more)
  • Over 200 custom blueprint nodes to fully customize your multiplayer experience
  • Examples work with Gamepad and Mouse/Keyboard
  • Can be easily made Steam-compatible
  • MCE is setup to work with a listen-server
  • MCE is not cheater-proof
  • Everything related to Example Content is subject to change and is not considered part of the plugin. It will be edited and might be removed without warning.

Visit the website

You can download a .exe of the content example to try everything for free below.

You can download the example content project or solely as well for free below.


Buy Now$50.00 USD or more

In order to download this MCE you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $50 USD. You will get access to the following files:

MCE_1.1_4.21 469 MB
MCE_1.1_4.20 465 MB
MCE_1.1_4.19 621 MB
MCE_v1.1_4.22.rar 3 MB

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